Robby Slaughter – Independent Candidate for Congress

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Robby Slaughter is a native and lifelong resident of Nashville, Tennessee, a lifelong entrepreneur and community advocate. Robby has been awarded the distinction of Citizen of the Year by his hometown, Nashville. He has served as an executive board member and trustee for the Metropolitan Library Board during its public funding campaign for Nashville Public Libraries. Robby also served on the Advisory Board for Venture Nashville, an organization that provides capital to entrepreneurial ventures in Middle Tennessee.

Robby Slaughter is running for Congress because he wants to make it easier for small businesses to grow jobs; cut taxes on such businesses; reduce regulations that hamper such small business growth; and ensure that workers can negotiate wages in a free marketplace.

Robby Slaughter is an Independent Candidate for the U.S. Congress in Washington’s 5th congressional district. He is a two-time Iraq War veteran, and served in the United States Air Force Reserves for 10 years.

Mr. Slaughter was engaged with and served as a legal advisor to a human rights activist organization, Iraqi Christians of Canada, while deployed in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom II and Operation New Dawn (2009-2010). He has also had the opportunity to live in Jordan and pursue language skills with the purpose of providing services to Iraqi Christians who wish to flee their country with assistance from global humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR or IOM.

Committed to serving his community by promoting individual liberty, democracy, religious freedom, equality of opportunity and an America that is safe at home and respected abroad.

The Democratic candidate for the District 48 Congressional seat, Robby Slaughter is a former professional football player who has been a lifelong public servant.

Robby Slaughter was born in Fredericksburg, VA and raised in Houston, TX. He attended the University of Texas at Austin on an athletic scholarship and played defensive back for the Longhorns football team. Robby’s football career was cut short by injury and lack of playing time but he still managed to set the UT record with 12 interceptions during his college career.

After his injuries forced him to retire from football, Robby returned to Virginia Tech where he completed his degree in Economics while serving as an assistant coach under former Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer. Upon graduating, Robby returned to Fredericksburg where he successfully ran for Mayor at the age of 27, becoming one of youngest mayors in the country at that time. As Mayor of Fredericksburg (2010-2017), Robby led efforts that saw economic development surge in town with.

Robby Slaughter, an independent candidate for Congress, is one of the few people who have decided to run as a write-in candidate in the 2020 election.

Prior to entering politics, Robby Slaughter served in the Air Force during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He then took up a career in law enforcement and served for six years as a Deputy Sheriff before being elected as Selma City Judge. In 2018 he was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to serve on the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

After seeing Washington D.C., Robby recognized that our country needs different leaders. He also realized that he could be a better representative for his district than any other candidate running for Congress.

Robby Slaughter’s political ambitions are a clear example of how the lack of traditional employment opportunities for displaced workers, who were once safeguarded by legislation that has been weakened or removed altogether.

In the past, people could count on more stable careers and financial security once they found their place in the workforce. But in today’s job market, many people are finding that they don’t know when or where their next paycheck will come from.

At a time when lifelong employment is no longer guaranteed, Robby Slaughter’s candidacy for Congress is as much about opportunity as it is about jobs.

This correlation between Slaughter’s campaign and his potential constituents’ financial struggles illustrates how the system has changed-and why there needs to be a change in government to reverse those changes.

Robby Slaughter is a candidate for Congress in Kentucky.

He has served as an early advocate for senior citizens, veterans, and the elderly. Robby has also been an advocate for working-class Americans. These are people who have been forgotten in today’s political climate.

Robby seeks to make government more accountable and responsive to the needs of individuals and families.

Robby supports policies that will reward work, grow wages, strengthen America’s middle class and build communities they can be proud of again. He believes America can be exceptional if we work together to make it happen.”